Welcome to SoloWolf's Page, dedicated to my companion wolfdogs!  Hopefully it can offer a little information for those of you who are considering bringing wolfdogs into your family, or amusement for those of you who love them and/or have wolfers of your own!
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~2011 Update~
It's been awhile!
See the 'kids now.
On to the the wolfers!  We have two low content husky/wolf crosses: Solo & Denali and 3 high content wolfers: Maheono, Avatar, & Indie. There's also a new boy in the family; a 'true mid' content shepherdX named Lutro! (Alternately, here's the Story of Lutro, my Golden Boy.) They're on separate pages so I would have more room for PICS!  ~Looky here! Shasta now has a page now too!  :-)
As much as I love these guys, I wouldn't readily recommend them as 'pets' for most folks. They are actually more like cats than dogs, in a lot of ways. They can be difficult to raise, are often more work and chaos than the average family cares to deal with, and are frequently  obtained for the wrong reasons, simply because the truths about them are not common knowledge. Remember, they don't have a whole lot of uses, other than to be your companion. There's nothing mystical about them-they are not spirits, they are canines. (You'll remember this the first time one poops on your new carpet!) Wolfdogs won't attack you, or wistfully pine for the forests, but they won't be a low-maintenance floor or yard ornament either! I have listed some of the positives & negatives of wolfdog ownership below.
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~You'll note that this is a bigger textbox~
*Wolfdogs in general are highly destructive. They will chew your car, your house, and your furniture. I don't personally know
anyone who has managed to avoid this entirely.
*Quite willful and independent; this, along with their wolfy instincts, makes them more difficult to train and do things with.
*They do strange things! This is not all bad, but the first time you see one standing
on the kitchen counter, or trying to bury raw chicken in the carpet or laundry pile, you will know what I mean.
*Many are not good with small animals, due to a high prey drive.
*Proficient escape artists, they require extensive fencing (generally 8' minimum, + dig proofing or hot wire)  & CAN'T be chained. (see left textbox) They also like to dig--If you
had a nice yard, you soon won't.
*Require lots of time and attention, advanced canine knowledge, and better dog-handling skills than the average domestic.
*Poor watchdogs--they are very timid, and they don't bark. Plus, they could care less who is stealing your stuff. As the alpha, it is YOUR job to take care of threats.
*They require a
special diet, usually including raw meat. Puppy Chow doesn't cut it here.
*Many, especially the higher content animals, are fearful of strangers and must be introduced slowly.
*Not a good child's pet. Children are not capable of being a proper alpha, and often act oddly and frighten wolfdogs, or (with higher contents) may be mistaken for stuffed/squeaky 'doggie toys' and played with roughly.
*If you want a dog who worships you unconditionally, wins obedience trials, does tricks for your friends, or otherwise acts "like a normal, easy dog"...you'll want to look elsewhere. Wolfdogs have a mind of their own!
*Lots of positive traits:  exceptionally intelligent, loving, affectionate, sensitive, loyal to their human pack, unusually expressive, creative, & highly personable!
*Generally far more intense & aware of themselves and the world around them than domestics.
*Beautiful animals with a sense of humour; they are a pleasure to play with and watch. Their authentic posturing and wolfspeak is fascinating as well.
*Bond strongly to their owners, but don't fall over themselves for strangers. Rather, they are reserved and aloof (if not downright shy) around strangers.
*Wolfdog aggression, mean-spiritedness, and bites are all quite rare, and atypical of the "breed". The main risk is from 'fear bites' that could have been avoided by having the good sense to not approach a frightened and unfamiliar animal. (Unfortunately, these fear bites are usually delivered to children, who may hug or climb on wolfdogs who are chained & cannot escape.)
*Quiet animals; they rarely bark, and most owners don't mind their beautiful howl.
*As close as possible to the Original Dog, while still fitting well into the lives of dedicated owners. Not "the Dog", as created and modified by man, but instead the animal I feel 'Canis lupus' was meant to be.
Wolfdogs expect alot of their owners...many of the same things huskies do! Check out this great HUSKY link--or THIS one--re: YOUR end of the human/dog relationship!!!
More on "the bad stuff"...
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Wolfers get anxious when strangers come...
Raised properly, wd's can be well-behaved...even over food!
LOTS more pics of my special kids in their
Photo album!
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Pack structure is very important to wd's. Be a firm, clear alpha.
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