Here are some links that, in my opinion, should be Required Reading for canine ownership. This is all stuff I highly recommend--some of it may change the way you look at your dog.

The BEST things you can do for an animal of *any* breed or species are to:
~Understand what it was developed to do, and
~Learn to speak its language. (!)
Once you know what the animal is instinctively "programmed" to do, what he is trying to communicate to you, and how YOU can communicate with *him* are well on your way to a sucessful & fulfilling relationship for both of you! :-)

On canine body language:
Study of books, diagrams, or photos of canine body language is HIGHLY recommended (IMO, completely mandatory for all who own dogs).

On communicating with your dog (lots of links):
The book "Calming Signals" by Turid Rugaas is highly recommended.

On dominance and being alpha:
No Free Lunch Program:
Sibling rivalry:

On training ANY animal, even odd species or dogs with "issues":
(The book "Don't Shoot the Dog" by Karen Pryor is also highly recommended.)

Bridge and Target training:

Some more thoughts on training:

LOTS of training links!

On teaching self-control:

Insights on inter-dog aggression:

On working with shy/fearful dogs:
"Capture" techniques for fearful or feral dogs:

On feeding: (LOTS of awesome info here on behaviour, as well!)
Research into the raw foods/"BARF" diet is recommended. A pooly done raw diet is worse than a high quality kibble, however, so if you go this route, please study enough to do it right.
A starter BARF FAQ:
More BARF links: or
A great place to research meat and poultry suppliers in your area:

But my vet says to feed Science Diet (or some other grain-based food substitute)! _ A: Would you feed steak to horse? Dogs' digestive systems were not set up for grains. They can't process them ideally, get little from them (they're just cheap fillers), and grains are the cause of most canine allergies and health problems. Please do your dog a favor and educate yourself. People may argue forever on whether dogs are carnivores or omnivores--but they are definitely NOT grain eaters.
(Note: Some vets HAVE taken the initiative, and done their own research on nutrition. They don't follow the "party line", but you don't have to take their word for it. The results speak for themselves.)

On housebreaking:

Various troubleshooting links:

For the kitties:
(Some essential links on cats.)

Thoughts on How to Raise Happy Cats :-)

Please don't do this to your friends...
Cat handling: Archive:
LOTS of stuff on cat behaviour: Archive:

Caring for newborn kittens

Working with Ferals

HELP! My cat is spraying!

More dog-related links...Over Here!