Let me tell you about my Dog of a Lifetime. :)
After much looking and waiting, I finally was given the opportunity to acquire the puppy of my dreams--exactly half purebred wolf, and half high quality German import shepherd. From what I had learned so far about wolves, crosses, and various dog breeds, I had concluded that this cross would make an ideal companion for me. However, I had pretty much given up hope by that point--most of the pups (and adults!) I saw were crossed with malamute, a breed I'd personally never been a huge fan of. The majority of the medium content animals available seemed to be casual pairings of multigenerational wolfdogs--certainly capable of being terrific animals with the right owners, but not my vision of the "Perfect Dog". When I heard of Lutro's litter being born, although we already had several wolfdogs by then, I leaped at the chance to meet the pups and their parents!  :-)
~My Golden Boy~
"Puppy" Lutro!
I drove the 6 hours to the breeder's house and met his mom, a sweet and laid back GSD girl, and dad, who is half Halverson arctic wolf and half British Columbian wolf. I was very impressed with both of them! Dad, though cautious, was calmer than the average wolf, and had been well raised: he was an indoor/outdoor animal who was expected to show decent manners, regardless of his heritage. <g> The pups were only 9 days old at the time...but I bought "a sable male" on the spot, even though I wasn't to bring him home for another week and a half. (I hadn't yet met his dad's sister and father, but if I had, I would have been even more excited! I visited them both the following February, and although both were social, Lutro's aunt was one of the sweetest, most charming wolves I've ever met.)
Aunt Tasha
baby 'Tro-- "I'm your pal!"
The days dragged, of course...but finally it was time to pick up my new baby. Mom had been raising the litter in the house, with kids and dogs and the resultant commotion which probably gave my guy an excellent start in his socialization. The pups were all asleep when I carefully knelt down in their whelping box...one woke immediately and toddled over to me. (At 20 days of age, pups don't exactly walk steadily. ;) I picked him up, hugged him close, rubbed his fuzzy puppy coat and baby-talked him...then turned him over to see if he was, indeed, a male. <g> Then, I set him down, and reached for one of the sleeping pups. Before I could even wake another one up, the little guy I'd just held toddled back over, turned his face in against my leg, and pressed against me, as if to say "Don't put me back! Don't leave me, I'm The One!" The click in my head (and heart) was so loud it was almost audible. I grinned, scooped him into my arms, and proudly informed everyone that I guess this was my boy. And "My Boy" he's been, ever since.
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