Puppy Lutro
Hello!! I'm Lutro...the male version of lutra, which is the scientific name for otter. And at 9 days old, when mom first came to see me (oh yeah, you bet she bought me on the spot, LOL) I did look like a little fuzzy otter-ling.  :)  Mom looked long & hard for me, & she says I am everything she hoped for. It's nice to be loved.
This is me at H. P. Lovecraft's gravesite. Mom wanted to stop in and say thanks.
Here are my folks...the K9 ones. Dad is on the left, he's a purebred wolf (half Halverson arctic & half British Columbian)...mom is a purebred German bred shepherd (half East German working lines, half West German show). Mom says that makes me a 50% F1.
Here I am at 20 days old, just got home from Georgia (where I was born). Aren't I tiny?
Here I am at 23 days, & I look a LOT like baby Indie (pic on the right) did at that age! I won't look like her for long though...in fact, that's me kissing her in the pic below, & we already look quite different. She's a 98% wolfdog. That just goes to show how hard it is to tell what we are when we're so young...
Here's my best pal, Stitch the cat. She doesn't care that I chew on her...we like to wrestle and chase each other. When I was smaller, she was better at stalking and pouncing on me...but now I am better! heheh
HA HA HA! I am only 10 weeks old and I already have a Page Two!!
Mom is such a sucker for me....