Solo and his sister Denali are two of the best dogs I've ever shared my life with. Although many lower-content wolfdogs are indistinguishable from husky, malamute, or shepherd mixes (visibly), they often don't act like them! Few domestics are as shy, intense, quirky, aware, and communicative as these wolf crosses often are. I have found that the "wolf" tends hang around in the personality long after it is gone from the looks, so...those of you who want the animal who "looks like a wolf, but acts like a golden retriever" please note--you will probably be disappointed. You are far more likely to get just the opposite.
When these kids were pups, they were afraid of everything but me--they would hide beneath furniture & give a wide berth to passing humans and cars. But with lots of love and socialization--a MUST for wolfdogs--they grew into the easygoing (though still rather reserved) wolfers they are today.
Like most low-content wolfdogs, Solo & Denali are represented "on paper" as a much higher percentage (around 60) than is reflected in their *actual* wolf content. The truth about "wolf percent" is that--due to the way wolf/dog genetics works--unless it is a first-generation cross, it is a genetic crap-shoot...and "percentage" is almost meaningless. The majority of "high % wolves" I have seen, inherited about as much wolf as my Solo & Denali...i.e., very little. Just enough to add a greater intensity &/or range of behaviour, a one-owner mentality, a greater degree of shyness, high intelligence, and an excess of personality.  ;)
There are lots of good reasons to choose a low content animal. They make much better "pets" in the conventional sense, yet still retain many of the positive qualities of wolves. :) For your FIRST wolfdog, you will probably want a low content(!) unless you have a good amount of northern-breed experience already and have spent much time studying wolves and wolfdog companions. Even then, you may be surprised by what a challenge they can be!
I'm Solowolf! Mama's first wolfdog, and her Good Boy.
Solo & Denali were adorable babies!  Want to see?  ;)  Look HERE.
Wd's like to play rough.
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Whether it's running errands, cruising through the high desert, flying in a little Cessna, hiking White Sands, NM or just hanging around the house...I can do it all. And I rule my own pack, to boot!
I'm Denali--the sweet one! <g>
Mostly, I lay on the bed...and lay on the couch. Did I mention lay on the bed?? Outdoor pics come out much better, but I don't like to be outdoors much, unless mom is walking me. Solo is my littermate, and he may think he's some big hotshot alpha, but to me--well, he's just my pesty ole brother. Ha ha.