John: <mutters quietly> How would the government even know if your name was "Jake", anyhow. You could just change it...

Fred: No, they already thought of that. You have to PROVE your name isn't Jake, in order to stay out of Quarantine.

John: WHAT??  That's insane. The burden of proof is ALWAYS on "he who asserts". Anything less would be sheer lunacy!

Fred: Well, most people have a birth just show it to them, and you're fine.

John: LOTS of people don't have birth certificates, for one reason or another.  Now they're all at risk...and anyhow, it's a violation of our constitutional rights to have to keep proving that we're not named Jake, anytime someone thinks we look like one!  And, what names are next??  Soon they'll decide that anyone named James or Jason or Joyce should be locked up!

Fred: You're just saying that because your name is John!  <pause> Anyhow, why would you even want to associate yourself with those Jake people? Stay away from them, it's safer than drawing attention to yourself. You do have black hair, after all, and your name's not all that different from theirs...

John: But I'm NOT any different! That's what I'm trying to tell you!!  We all have the same potential, to be friendly or unkind, to be gentle or violent. It has nothing to do with the looks, or the name!

Fred: Save it for your ACLU meeting. I'm outta here. Just do yourself a favor, buddy, distance yourself from those Jake's for your own good. We're better off without them.
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Sound like a comedy sketch, or a lame futuristic tale? Sadly enough, it's merely an analogy for the daily reality that some dogs and their families face. Although it may seem ridiculous when applied to HUMANS--and rightfully so!--there are people who feel that blaming a breed or type of dog makes more sense than holding the owner (&/or the individual dog) responsible. Breed-specific legislation won't solve America's dog aggression problem--for more information on BSL and how it works (or, DOESN'T work), visit this Page.