Most "real" high content animals are very destructive, they chew your house apart continuously; they don't listen well (think "cat"), they are spooky and often afraid of new people or situations. For example, you'll be walking him and the garbage truck lumbers by...he freaks and hauls you off down an embankment or into traffic...assuming he didn't yank the leash from your hand first. (They are extremely strong.) He may pee all over himself when you take him to the vet...and he'll probably throw up in the car on the way there.  Sound far-fetched? Talk to some genuine wolf owners sometime.
Most are not good with small children, for a variety of reasons. They test you very hard as pups, and will be glad to take over the "pack" if you let them...some will growl or otherwise threaten you to get their own way, & you have to teach them that that is unacceptable (it takes a LONG time!! They're stubborn).
Many are food aggressive, and/or possession-aggresssive. They CAN be trained out of that, but many folks believe a "wolf is a wolf" and aren't willing to push the issue...if you wait too long to start teaching them that this is unacceptable, they will be *very* big & scary, and you will probably decide that it isn't worth it.
Some wolves get what's called "winter wolf syndrome"--usually only the intact/breeding animals, but not always. They get growly & disagreeable in the fall, and will "protect" their chosen mate, even from YOU. Some owners cannot go in the enclosure with their hormonally-charged wolves until the breeding season has passed. If nothing else, this is a FINE reason to get your high-content animal fixed!!
So why do we keep them? They really
are wonderful animals....amazingly intelligent, clever, creative, fascinating to watch, gentle and lovable and affectionate if properly raised. They're intense and very aware of their surroundings...and SO much personality!! They enjoy being with their humans much as dogs do, BUT not necessarily as eager to please  ;) They do have a mind of their own...there are lots of good reasons to have them, but there are lots of BAD ones too.
I'm not down on wolf/high content ownership, and my own guys are a BLAST! I just think that it's only fair to the
ANIMAL to fully disclose their downsides to folks *before* they adopt one.
Ono is a high content British Colombian cross. He was a casual "Yeah,whatever" kind of dog as a young pup; well, honestly, he was a bit of a punk  ;)  However, although he loves his human mom and canine siblings, like most mostly-wolf mixes he is quite timid around strangers these days. He's about 130 pounds of 'lap puppy'! This boy is pretty brazen, and will "counter-surf" or snitch garbage with me standing right there! Till I holler; then he comes to me with the silly grin, wavy tail, & sideways ears...and I fall for that act! hee hee. His favorite hobbies are rifling thru my stuff, roughhousing with the other kids, and loafing around chewing on meaty bones. He turned out to be a sweet, gentle, affectionate  boy, and a great asset to our family.
See Baby Ono!  HERE is a photo chronology of him growing up!
(Look how much he has changed  :)
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These are my high-content (i.e. "mostly-wolf") brats! Only one fit on this page, so go on to Page Two to see the other two furkids  ;)
True high contents (as opposed to  animals that are "high %" but inherited very little wolf genes) are generally more difficult than low content animals, and quite a contrast to  domestic dogs. A true high content is pretty much a wolf in all aspects...they look and act just like them. Compare a given animal to pictures of a wolf, and then pictures of a malamute...and you can see the differences. The number of animals who are misrepresented as "99% wolf" and who "look just like a wolf" to the owners, is stunning. Look
here for some examples. These are all animals that were repesented as pure wolves or (in a couple cases) 90-some % ers. Compare them to *actual* high contents here or  here. (or here, here, or here) Compare them to malamutes or huskies or shepherds-- you'll often find those a closer match.
I'm not trying to make fun of anyone or their animals; low contents are GREAT dogs, I have some myself! (See
Solo & Denali's page.) It's just that if you THINK you have a wolf, then you adopt another one and it really IS a wolf this're gonna be in for one helluva ride!
Young Ono--still mostly black!
Starting to phase out a bit...
<--Looky who is the new Alpha!  Wise old-soul Ono, at 4 1/2 years of age, has finally come into his own.