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WolfdogProject Articles Index
"OWNER" Section: Info on Canis lupus (wolves, dogs, and wolfdogs)
EVERYONE: Myths, rumours, and...what ARE wolfdogs, anyhow?
Raising Safe Dogs
Training Tips
Canine Body Language slides
Working with Shy/Fearful Canines
Working with Dominant/Aggressive Canines
Teaching Self-Control
Living with High Maintenance Dogs
Fencing Solutions for Escape Artists
Ferals and Fearfuls: Advanced Capture Techniques
I Want A Wolfdog! What Now?
Basic Q&A
Why Wolfdogs?
Short 'n' Sweet: A Brief Message from the Wolfdogs.
Frequent Wolfdog Myth-Interpretations (a more detailed version of the above)
A Note on the Recent Bandwagon Regarding 'Dominance'.
Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL) is Not the Answer
Why Dogs Bite
Common Wolfdog Myths
Identification of a Wolfdog
The Truth About "Percentages"
The Puppy Pages (Getting a New Baby?)
Who Should "Own" a Wolfdog?
Choosing a Wolfdog
Thoughts on the Proper Age to Bring Home a Pup
Feeding, & Bottle-Feeding a Very Young Pup
Bite inhibition (outsourced)
Dealing with Carsickness
My Thoughts on Breeding
Spay & Neuter
The Rabies Controversy
Some Musings on Pack Dynamics
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'Required Reading' for Canine Ownership
Canines Similar to Wolfdogs
Solowolf's Page (more info, and some pics of my own wolfers)
Wolfdog Rescue?
"Wolf" or "Dog"? It's a gray area.